How to assemble a Center Punch Block Device

A how-to video for putting out Center Punch Block Device

Center Punch Block Using the "Hammer" Position

The Center Punch block is a tool designed for professional welders, fitter and fabricators, millwrights, and machinist, to mark a point before drilling 1/2″, 3/8″, 1/4″, and 1/8 holes on a metal strap or equipment.

Center Punch Block using the "M" Position

The center Punch Block can be also be used in the “M” position to mark a point for any machinist and millwrights professionals.

Center Punch Block use as a Square

The Center Punch Block can be used as a square to align a column in 90 degree for tacking and welding

Laser Level with Movable arm

The Aluminum Laser level with movable arm by Salomon! What make this such an amazing torpedo level is its multifaceted versatility. It can be used as a level, a square, or as a protractor by professional plumbers, electricians, welders, millwright, and contractors.