Salomon from the beginning

Salomon Center Punch Block
The one-way method to mark point on a metal strap was first developed in 1997 by a welder named Salomon Valencia when he was working for a Welding Company in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Salomon was called to work 50 marks on a big round stock of steel. Before drilling, Salomon began using the Center Punch with one hand and the hammer with the other.

After making around 21 punches he realized that this kind of work needs a special tool. He came up with the idea for different center-punch guide at that time, but couldn’t complete the project as he was assigned another project of designing one more product to combat carbon monoxide (CO2) greenhouse gas emissions.

The green house emission project never came into reality because the company, he contacted for the project took the money and sent him some books but never did the project, after pass of some years Salomon came back to British Columbia.

But in 2016 when Salomon saw an advertisement for patenting services that gave him pause

“if you haven’t patented
your invention do it now”

This ad immediately caught Salomon’s attention and he immediately began working on bringing his design idea to life in the form of the Center Punch Block.

Today, Salomon Tool Company continues to proudly manufacture and distribute the Center Punch Block Device. Solomon also produces a Laser Level with movable arms and has designed 360 speed square, all from his headquarters in Surrey BC. With a history of innovation and excellence, the Salomon Tool product line has been upgraded and is expanding to meet the changing needs of its contractors.